Global Citizenship

Globally-Inspired, Passion-Driven Learning

Students at THSI learn about issues confronting our global community through our cutting-edge curriculum, which incorporates the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Students are encouraged to think deeply about the impact of actions and to confront challenges based on their personal sense of commitment. Creating sustainable impact builds confidence and empathy in our students, who are empowered by their ability to create change. 

From the Classroom to the World


From inception, THSI has envisioned a school dedicated to global impact. Students at THSI participate in activities that challenge them to seek innovative solutions that affect our school our neighborhood, our city, and the world.

This quest for global impact is driven by the passions of our students. Faculty and staff support students in their efforts to build meaningful change in areas that matter to them. THSI's curriculum incorporates int United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and encourages exploration. Extra-curricular activities help to develop leadership skills outside of the classroom. Multi-cultural experiences build confidence and curiosity.


Think Globally, Act Locally

THSI is committed to supporting our community: in our school, our neighborhood, our city at the center of Chinese policy and culture, throughout our country, and across the world. Students build community, support migrant education projects, investigate global sustainability, and explore other cultures with a spirit of contributing to the greater good.
Students build sustainability into their daily lives by participating thoughtfully in school-wide recycling efforts and exploring thoughtful and sustainable choices through engagement with Roots and Shoots.

Centuries of Chinese Tradition; Forward-Thinking Leadership Opportunities

Our program is unique among international schools, and we offer opportunities to travel around the world, building solutions to improve our world. Our students cherish their heritage while envisioning and creating their future.

Early in our fall term, our students participate in Global Leadership training, expanding their view of the impact students can have on global developments.

Crossing Borders

Each spring term, THSI pushes outside the classroom in search of greater insight and understanding. Our generous and creative faculty inspire students to take risks, travel across borders, and through cultures, to build knowledge and skills. Traveling across borders translates classroom learning into real-world insights. 

Week Without Walls

At the end of the spring term, faculty and students expand learning outside the classroom, crossing borders and exploring new cultures to build global citizenship.


Global Student Leadership

At THSI our students are global citizens. At the beginning of each term, students learn global leadership skills to impact the world around them.


Social Commitment

Throughout the year, students support our local community, working with Migrant Children Foundation, Roots and Shoots, and various charitable groups to build compassion and social awareness.