Student Council

Shaping Leaders

The role of student council in both middle school and high school at THSI is to support and help build a positive school culture by hosting different events throughout the school year that benefit our school community as well as the larger Beijing community.  Members of the student council are elected at the beginning of each school year by their classmates for their leadership skills, and are all respected members of the student community.  Student Council members act as positive role models and representatives of their respective grade levels and classmates.  
Each advisory class (most grade levels have two) elects a class representative to the student council. In addition to the class representatives, the student body (the middle school and high school separately) each elect a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and historian.  Every student interested in running for the student council gives a speech either to their advisory class, if they are running for representative, or the student body as a whole for the leadership positions.

Student council members impact the school culture and community while building leadership skills for the present and future.


“THSI student council is super significant to me and every single member of THSI family. Student council not only helps students to express their ideas about THSI to make learning process rich and colorful, but also encourages group cohesiveness of the school community. ”
- Charles Meng, Seventh Grade Representative



"The Middle School Student Council does the best we can to make students’ lives at THSI more fun and meaningful. We have annual traditions like Spirit Week, Halloween Party, and Christmas Movie Night. There are also activities like video game competition and donation to charities that are decided by each year’s Student Council members. By joining the Student Council, you can gain a lot of useful skills like effective communication, cooperation, and leadership, while having fun and meeting new friends who, like you, wishes to make THSI a more comfortable second-home." 
-  Yolanda Zhou, grade 8, Student Council President 

Representatives elected to Student Council create activities and programs to shape the school.