THSI Enrichment Program (TEP)

Committed to the well-rounded development of each student, the THSI Enrichment Program (TEP) provides a variety of extracurricular activities for students. 

Our TEP is composed of after-school activities and clubs (AAC), field trips, overseas trips, summer/winter camps, sports events and competitions, etc. Our TEP encompasses a broad range of topics including topics like STEM, sports, arts, language, social studies, student leadership, and social responsibility. Our range of after school clubs is dynamic and driven by student interests. 

Students are highly encouraged to participate in our TEP. Through these enrichment activities, students have the opportunity to build connections with peers, learn and build skills, and find personal fulfillment. 


THSI Enrichment Program provides:

After-school Activities & Clubs (AAC)
Saturday Academy 
Experimental Learning Program : Week Without Walls & Impact Week
THSI Summer School
Field Trips & Overseas Trips
Sports Competition & Training

THSI Current Club Offerings

  • Global issues Network (GIN)
  • Chinese Literature
  • Math Competition
  • Chinese Drama
  • C++ Programming
  • Business Club
  • Student 2D Art
  • Chinese Debate
  • Baking
  • TED Club
  • Crochet
  • Clothing Design
  • Guitar Ensemble
  • Recycling
  • Space Club
  • Programming
  • Photography
  • Film Club
  • Chamber Ensemble
  • Board Games
  • Golf Club

Global Issues Network

Students are inspired by the United Nations 21st Century Sustainable Development Goals.

Global Issues Network is a key initiative at THSI. Our program is unique and offers opportunities to build global solutions to improve our world.


Programming Club

Opening up worlds of communication

As with learning languages, programming skills open up students to high-impact global communication. Our Programming Club is opento all secondary students. Students learn Python programming, a high-level, general purpose programming language.


Chinese Debate Club

Students explore current social issues and compete in challenging debates.  

Our Chinese Debate Club has won numerous awards for their accomplishments in Chinese-language debate.