Students at THSI have opportunities to make lasting and meaningful changes in the world. Our faculty empowers students to see the real world impact of their actions.  By incorporating global citizenship into the curriculum, what is taught in the classroom finds expression in the community around us. 

Student life builds community.  Our secondary students lead clubs based on their interests. Current students have started clubs in a variety of areas, including Chinese Debate, Global Issues Network(GIN), computer programming, photography, and various arts and crafts. Continuing with the commitment to global impact, students participate in charitable fundraising initiatives. 

Our students also enjoys house competitions, which build school spirit and cooperation. When students enter THSI they join a house. They remain in the same house throughout their career at THSI. This allows our students the opportunity to build on their camaraderie, to form a long lasting and supportive community.

Our secondary school faculty focuses on the 21st Century Sustainable Development Goals established by UNICEF.  Students can use their learning from Global Issues Network (GIN) conferences and other student life initiatives to move forward in areas that are important to them.

Closer to school, all our students can establish the culture and traditions of THSI by participating in Student Council.  These varied opportunities allow our students to show colleges a transcript that features more than just grades; an application that really showcases more than test scores and lets the college get to know what the child is passionate about and what impact he or she has had on their community.