Life in Beijing


Beijing, the capital of China, is a thriving, modern, cosmopolitan hub where ancient traditions connect with cutting edge opportunities. Living in a first-tier city in a country with a rich heritage provides unparalleled opportunities to explore.  Chinese rail and air connections are extensive and cost-effective. The Beijing City International Airport offers daily air travel to over 157 cities and is accessible via subway, bus, and car. The newly opened Daxing International Airport sprawls over seven million square feet and boasts the world's largest terminal.

Beijing offers a strong cultural heritage, including extensive hutong districts, refreshing hot springs, easy access to several Great Wall hiking spots, and steps away from the Beijing Olympic Park, with acres of field and forest providing a tranquil respite from the bustling city. Cities like Tianjin are a short train ride away, the famous Terra Cotta Warriors are in nearby Xian, and Shanghai is less than 5 hours by high-speed train. 

Enticing flavors and aromas from all over China converge on Beijing, a melting pot of sensations. As the capital of China, Beijing has a large population of diplomats, resulting in restaurants featuring cuisines from all over the globe. While cuisines and services from all over the world are well-represented in Beijing, this city stands apart from other Asian travel sites.  Beijing is distinctly Chinese. Proud heritage and forward-thinking business community combine to create fascinating juxtapositions. 

Temperatures in Beijing range from hot, dry summers (around 38℃) to cold winters (around -15℃).  Beijing doesn‘t get much rain or snow, and shows its best advantages in the colorful seasons of spring and fall.

THSI staff are immersed in the daily life of the Chinese community. Outside the ‘expat bubble’ common in international schools, our teachers experience real life in Beijing, living, shopping and enjoying life alongside Chinese citizens.  A perfect fit for those who want to truly experience another culture, THSI will open your world to Beijing’s wide, bike-friendly streets, rapidly expanding technology services, convenient access to services, low cost of living, and welcoming residents. THSI places great emphasis on creating a nurturing workplace of respect, growth, and professionalism to best serve the needs of our students. The human resources department ensures that all new hires are adjusting well to Beijing and their new work environment, in line with the CIS code of ethics.


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We encourage candidates to research living and working in Beijing. Online research as well as talking to people who have lived and worked here will help in making a smooth transition. The following resources provide extensive information that many have found useful: