Tsinghua University High School International (THSI) is genuinely unique – a new innovation growing from the unparalleled traditions of Tsinghua University, China’s peerless intellectual engine for over a century.

Located in Chaoyang District at the National Tennis Center in Olympic Forest Park, THSI advances a rich history of education excellence with our sister schools under the Tsinghua University “umbrella”.

THSI is an international school serving grades 1-12 for students who plan to attend universities all over the world. With academic excellence as our standard, we aim to build a delightful, natural environment and atmosphere for learning, offering students innovative opportunities to learn from the classroom and step out into the world with knowledge and confidence.

Program Scope

THSI is built upon the legacy of Tsinghua University. We have incorporated what is best from the university and linked it to the best attributes of progressive education.

We have put together a teaching faculty who hold advanced degrees from some of the top universities in the United States and throughout the world. Our recruitment of top professionals is an ongoing commitment on the part of the school’s administration. These individuals form a rich tapestry of cultural backgrounds and life experiences. We view this amazing diversity as one of our school’s most important strengths.

THSI's faculty team not only helps students in learning cultural knowledge and cultivating ways of thinking, but also cares about their physical and mental health and gives them the best quality education and humanistic care.

Living Facilities

THSI provides top-class living facilities and well-organized canteen system. In order to protect all faculty’s health, canteen in THSI has a professional group to organize canteen’s daily operation. In housing aspect, THSI provides housing allowance to all expatriate staff, or provide a dormitory to staff.

Recruiting Demand

2022-Fresh Graduates

1.  Love education industry. Dedicate to education,

2.  Be exemplary of students.

3.  Master degree and above with major of Chinese Literature, overseas experience preferred.

4.  English is required. Chinese bilingual speakers should have excellent written, listening, reading and speaking skills in English.

5.  Background check/criminal history clearance.

Documents for Application

Please attach your CV and all your certifications in one E-mail and send them to The title of the E-mail should be named as "Name + position+ highest degree+ graduated university". After receiving your CV, an evaluation will be carried out, once if your CV pass to interview, you might have the opportunity to join us.


If you have any question about the vacancy, position or welfare, please contact us on

Telephone:  010-84370903

Work Time: Mon-Fri 07:50-17:00