Who succeeds at THSI?

Intellectual and adventurous teachers who love working with students are welcomed and supported with extensive opportunities for leadership and professional development. Teachers with previous international experience, or with advanced degrees, will find a warm and welcoming community here. We truly value the hard work, professionalism, and passion of our faculty.

THSI provides a unique opportunity for passionate, culturally curious educators to grow both professionally and personally.

Boasting over 55 UNESCO World Heritage sites, China provides seemingly limitless opportunities for curious travelers. With easy and affordable access to air and rail and generous holiday breaks, our staff enjoys fantastic opportunities for adventure.

Tsinghua University High School International  is highly regarded and acceptance to our school is competitive. Students admitted to our school are the best and the brightest, with high potential and passion to succeed.  Our students are diligent, polite, respectful and hard-working.  While they are still children, most teachers find their diligence refreshing.


Qualification requirements

For faculty positions, THSI requires a Bachelor’s degree in education at the minimum.  Preference is given to the holders of advanced degrees, and to those who have prior international experience.  Contact our recruitment team to learn more.


Recruitment Team

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