THSI offers world-class tennis development and training in combination with a challenging international curriculum. The International Tennis Academy sets THSI apart from other international schools in Beijing.

International coaches provide instruction designed to provide opportunities for global tournament play and university admissions. 

THSI ITA fosters a challenging environment that drives student accountability, strength, and respect.  The ITA program focuses on helping each student athlete to reach his or her highest potential.


Sound Body, Sound Mind

The National Tennis Center location makes ITA the crown jewel of THSI athletics.  THSI offers a wide array of additional athletic opportunities at various grade levels which include: volleyball, football, baseball, badminton, strength and conditioning, and swimming.

ITA Player Evaluation

Each prospective student visits ITA for an in-depth assessment and skills evaluation. Visiting students and parents acquaint themselves with the environment and meet with coaches and faculty. The player also has the opportunity to participate in typical programming.

More Than Physical

Sports at THSI  provide an opportunity to build relationships and connections that reflect the true Olympic Spirit of friendship and competition.