Admissions Requirements

Male secondary student in secondary library

Our admissions team looks for students who can handle challenging work and who have the self-discipline to participate in classes.  Our faculty is engaged and welcoming, and have high expectations for student growth.

The type of student who does well at THSI speaks English and Chinese, is hard-working and mature for their age, curious, respectful, and welcomes new challenges.  Depending on their age, we examine their potential, their past experience and performance, and their attitude and outlook to find the best fit for our school.

Admissions Policies

Tsinghua University High School International welcomes all families and applicants who agree with the school's vision and mission, philosophy and culture, and goals and curriculum. There is no discrimination against gender, race, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or nationality.

  •  Culture Target Tsinghua University High School International aims to cultivate students who are:
    • Lifelong learners who are independent with a love of learning
    • Internationally minded with cross-cultural viability and good preparation for international life
    • Global citizens who are open-minded and innovative
    • Optimistic, independent, enthusiastic, honest, and full of integrity
    • Full of boundless ideas, hungry for knowledge, and willing to try new fields
    • Respectful, generous, and cooperative
    • Willing to contribute to the community and have a sense of responsibility
  •  Enrollment Quota
    • Tsinghua University High School International enrolls students from grades 1-12. The number of vacant places in each grade will change dynamically from the enrollment progress and needs to be confirmed with the Admissions Office.
  • Tuition The tuition fees for each grade in the 2022-2023 school year are as follows:
    • Grades 1-5: RMB 180000-285000
    • Grades 6-8: RMB 200000-305000
    • Grades 9-12:RMB 210000-315000
      * It varies according to the student's grade and tennis program.

Other fees may include:

  1. School uniform fee: 2200 yuan for required uniforms. Additional styles are also available for purchase.
  2. Meal: The annual meal cost is about 8000 yuan.
  3. School bus fee (optional): According to school bus route and distance, the fee varies between 800-2000 yuan per month.
  4. Other fees: If you choose to participate in summer camps, winter camps, weekend camps, etc., there are  additional fees.


  • Admission Requirements
    • We recruit from China mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan as well as students from other countries.
    • Students of all grades need to meet the grade-level age requirements. Students applying for the first grade must be 6 years old by August 31 the year of enrollment.
    • THSI will register all new and transferring admitted students with the Chaoyang Education Committee. Therefore, applicants must meet the requirements of the Chaoyang District Admission Policy or Transfer Policy.
  •   Admissions Process
    • Inquire With the School
    • Submit the Application Online
    • Admission Assessment
    • Enrollment
    • Fulfill the Additional Procedural  Requirements
  • Confidentiality and Authenticity of Application Materials
    • The admissions office will conduct a preliminary review after receiving the application materials. All applicants and their family’s information, teachers, schools, and other information will be kept confidential. Tsinghua University High School International-Chaoyang will not disclose information to any third party, including applicants and their families. At the same time, the applicant also needs to ensure that the submitted application information and materials are true and authentic. The admissions office may verify the information with relevant schools and recommenders. If there are any discrepancies, the application will be disqualified.
  • Admissions Principles
    • The school will accept admissions based on the principles of merit and fairness. The members of the school admissions committee will make the admission decision collectively. If the test, student interview, and family interview are all passed and the student meets the conditions for applying for a transfer or transfer policy, the student will be accepted.
    • The school will consider giving priority to the siblings of students or graduates, who are qualified academically and have already passed the test based on their application materials and other procedures.
  • Agreement Signing and Payment
    • Parents are required to sign the Admission Agreement within 7 working days of receiving the Admission Notice and pay the full tuition fee. If the agreement is not signed or the tuition fee is not paid by the deadline, we will not be able to guarantee the student's position. If the family decides to cancel the admission, a written application must be submitted, and the corresponding refund will be obtained according to the time of filing the application for cancellation. Current students will get a refund according to their leaving time.
  • Deferred Admission/Waiting List
    • The admissions result is valid only in the year of enrollment. If you are unable to enroll in the school year, you will need to re-apply and participate in the test in the next school year.
    • If a grade level is full, applicants who are admitted will enter the waiting list. Once available, the admissions office will select the best applicants from the waiting list according to the application submission time. The waiting list is valid for the current year, and students who wish to enter THSI in the second year are required to reapply as required.
  •   Gifts/Red Envelopes
    • In order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the admissions process, all members of the admissions department will not accept gifts of any kind.
  •  Language Policy
    • As a school whose goal is to prepare students for colleges and universities in English-speaking countries, we encourage students and teachers to use English in social situations as well as in the classroom. This will benefit ALL students in the short and long term. An immersion environment is the best way that students can go from simply learning a language as an academic discipline to “living in a language.” Students are asked to challenge themselves in this area and consistently strive to use English as much as possible since oftentimes, THSI is the only place in which the students are immersed in a rich English environment.


Application Process