Student Support

Mastery of Advanced English and Chinese Through Data

Mastery of advanced skills in English, Chinese, and Science is key to success in secondary school. Our ELL&Data Coaches continually assess student achievement and work directly with teachers to design customized strategies for individual success. 

The ELL&Data Department also oversees regular after school English enrichment programming to ensure our students are able to succeed in the demanding THSI High School curriculum.

Demanding Curriculum, Challenging Expectations

Students at THSI Middle School face a demanding curriculum and the shift to a secondary school style of instruction. For some students, these new expectations are challenging. THSI Middle School continues the two-teacher format in English and Science.



Academic, Social, and Physical Growth

Middle School is a time of extensive changes, academically, socially, and physically. The THSI community supports these changes and offers students a variety of faculty and staff resources to navigate these years.  

At the same time as they experience these individual changes, students become more aware of the world around them.  Middle School is a time of outreach and activism as our students build their confidence and empathy by forming clubs and joining with local and global organizations to make our world a better place.  

Social-Emotional Development Through Advisory

THSI Middle and High Schools have a weekly advisory class devoted to guiding students through the academic, social, and emotional challenges of secondary school.

Each student has 3 advisors. These advisors help students succeed at THSI, manage stress, and explore self-care.

THSI is pleased to offer a full-time counseling staff.