Middle School

Create New Connections

Develop Critical Thinking

Grades 6-8 form the middle school program at THSI. These years are students’ first exposure to the demanding secondary school approach, and allow us to build resilience and self-discipline needed for success in the years ahead. Two important themes emerge in the middle school program: interconnection across the curriculum allows students to think conceptually and creatively, and teachers encourage students to challenge traditional approaches, seeking new knowledge and breakthrough understanding.

THSI Middle School continues in dual-language immersion and features regular assessment to pinpoint areas where students need support.  Students use both English and Chinese throughout their day, and this research-backed immersion approach develops complex thinking skills. Our THSI Middle School students build true linguistic competency in both Chinese and English. 

Class sizes are small and our English language classes feature team teaching, so our students benefit from close teacher attention to their academic development as well as their social and emotional development.  Middle school is where we typically see growth in students’ interest in the impact they can make in the world. Clubs and extracurricular activities are encouraged and supported. 


THSI Middle School continues the preparation for the demands of high school and post-secondary education. Students are also encouraged to think critically about their role in the world. 
The THSI Middle School program emphasizes community and exploration
Students impact the school community and culture through house activities and student government. They take that learning out into the wider communities of Beijing, China, and the world. Through experiential opportunities our students build skills in communication, leadership, presentation, and research.