Middle School

Create New Connections

Develop Critical Thinking

Middle School

THSI middle school includes grades 6-8. Subject area specialists teach courses that are tailored to this specific developmental stage of a child’s academic, social, and emotional growth. THSI attaches great importance to students’ bilingual ability in both social and academic settings. As a team, we collaboratively develop individualized learning experiences together with a common and over-arching learning experience. Students will engage with learning projects that integrate concepts and content from various subjects. We align these experiences within a framework developed surrounding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals that targets real-world application of classroom skills and knowledge.

In all courses except Chinese Language Arts, the language of instruction is English; however, extensive support to enhance students’ language skills is integrated into all course content and learning experiences. This support is also integrated into how our teacher team develops curriculum and instruction as informed by data gathered of each student’s particular skills and knowledge. Students study eight subjects during the year. All subjects are yearlong courses (with the exception of the semester-long Computer Science and Art classes). Each course meets three times per week and each class session is 75 minutes. Students have five classes on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and four classes on Wednesday. On Wednesday, students have a 40-minute course dedicated to our advisory program. The advisory curriculum targets social and emotional well-being, and is responsively designed to meet student needs at that moment in their development. The importance of our advisory program cannot be overstated.


Middle School Guidance Program

THSI middle school guidance promotes student well-being and growth in both academic and social/emotional areas. The guidance team develops the advisory curriculum in coordination with each grade level’s lead advisors. In addition to the learning experiences designed to promote student well-being, our guidance counselors also meet with students individually, in small groups, and in large groups to proactively work through challenges students are learning how to navigate and manage. These skills directly contribute to academic success in our school and to success in meeting the challenges we all face in life beyond school. Guidance counselors and advisors also work directly with students to improve students’ abilities in the following areas: learning strategies, self-management and social skills, goal setting, and general personal fulfillment.




THSI Middle School continues the preparation for the demands of high school and post-secondary education. Students are also encouraged to think critically about their role in the world. 
The THSI Middle School program emphasizes community and exploration
Students impact the school community and culture through house activities and student government. They take that learning out into the wider communities of Beijing, China, and the world. Through experiential opportunities our students build skills in communication, leadership, presentation, and research.