The THSI Libraries are available to support student learning and academic achievement, as well as to encourage students to discover and explore their own interests and learn more about our world. THSI has two libraries on campus: The Primary School Library (Grades 1-5) and the Secondary School Library (Grades 6 - 12).  

The THSI Library Destiny Catalog is an excellent starting point for research or just to find a good book to read. It is available online from school and at home. 

The library catalog contains records of all the books and other resources that the library holds. You may search it by title, keyword, or subject. There are three interfaces to choose from:

●     Destiny Library Catalog is a standard simple search screen.

●     Destiny Quest lets you personalize your background and more.

●     Visual Search uses pictures to guide younger readers.

When you find an item you would like to borrow, be sure to write down the AUTHOR, TITLE, LOCATION, and CALL NUMBER of the book. You will need this information to find the book on the shelf.

The library's collections are designed to provide a wide range of fiction and nonfiction, age and grade-appropriate reading material, activities, events, and other resources. We strive to provide a rich assortment of diverse materials and to host activities and events to support and encourage the love of reading, the discovery and exploration of personal interests, and the practice of life-long learning. 


Primary Library

Secondary Library

We are here to help! Guidelines for use of the Library
The librarian or assistants are there to help! you Please seek them out if you need assistance finding materials, using the databases, or doing research. The library staff will check items out to you for a set period of time (this varies by grade and role at the school). Although the library will issue overdue notices, you may keep track of your loans, check due dates, make renewals, and save your search results in Destiny. To do so, you must log in with your personal Destiny account. The library staff can provide you with this information. 
Following are a few additional guidelines for using the library:

● The library is a place for exploration, discovery, quiet reading, learning, and study. 

● Both the PS Library and SS Library are open to staff, students, and parents from 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. 

● Books may be checked out for a period of 2 weeks at a time and may be renewed for an extended period of time if needed. 

● Students/parents are responsible for books they have not returned.  

● Lost or missing books will incur a penalty fine and will be replaced at the student's/parent's expense:

● When in the library, please be mindful of the needs of others who are seeking a place for quiet study and reading. Be mindful of the environment and maintain reserved and respectful behavior toward others.

The library resources and services are available to all members of our school community, including students and teachers in the primary and secondary school programs, and their families. You are welcome to use our resources. We look forward to seeing you soon!