ITA- International Tennis Academy

The premier sports offering at THSI is the ITA, the International Tennis Academy. Our carefully engineered tennis program sets high-performance standards both on and off the court. The ITA method employs a comprehensive training system that encompasses technical, strategic, physical, and mental development as well as tournament scheduling.

About ITA

The ITA at THSI is a world-class developmental tennis program. Our ITA coaching team consists of top tennis professionals with extensive experience helping to develop and evolve junior players of all ages. With coaches from both China and western countries, we have a well-blended team that ensures a top-level training arena for young athletes. Each player receives a personalized annual development plan. We pride ourselves on our personal approach to meeting each player's individual training needs. Combined with THSI's meticulous academic program, we aim to make our students lifelong problem-solvers. Together, our academic and tennis program builds physically and intellectually strong students who are prepared for the competitive global world.

The ITA offers the same rigorous academic program as THSI, and adds tennis skill training, comprehensive fitness, and strength training.  In addition, it fosters leadership, communication skills, cooperation and service awareness, team spirit, and resilience. 

Admissions Plan

In 2021 the ITA will actively recruit 22 students for Grade 1. However, students in other grades are encouraged to apply as well. 

Admissions Requirements

Academic requirement:  Potential ITA students must demonstrate satisfactory academic performance on THSI admissions examinations. 
Physical requirement: ITA students must successfully demonstrate physical fitness and athletic ability, as evaluated by the coaching team.