High School

Building self-discipline and social commitment for university studies and beyond

THSI high school includes grades 9-12. The college-preparatory curriculum is demanding while allowing flexibility for students to specialize in specific fields or to take a wide breadth of courses. Our students aim for admission to highly selective universities mainly in North America, Europe, and Australia. With the exception of Chinese Language Arts, courses' language of instruction is English. At the high school level, a command of the English language is necessary for success. While extensive opportunities exist to improve English, a student who is still developing basic language skills may find the academic demands too large to meet while learning a new language at the same time.  

THSI high school students, especially in the higher-level courses, enjoy small class sizes that allow for more personalized attention. This setting gives students ample opportunities to participate and receive valuable feedback for improved skill and knowledge development. Students and families work together with teachers and counselors to design a plan of study unique to each student’s interests, abilities, and future aspirations. While some students focus on the sciences, others choose to focus on the arts, computer science, or mathematics. Some students also prefer to take a wide range of higher-level courses to demonstrate their academic and interests. These choices are an exciting part of our program that lead to strong relationships between THSI faculty, students, and families. 

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