High School Counseling

THSI High School Counseling Office offers valuable assistance focused on students’ academic and emotional growth here at THSI as well as guidance on a successful transition after graduation. The Counseling Office makes it a point to get to know each student personally and are very dedicated to preparing each student for success here at THSI and at universities that are a right fit for them.

The counseling office works with students, parents, and teachers to develop a middle and high school program for students that best suits their individual interests and ambitions for college abroad. 

College Counseling

THSI College Counseling is an important part of high school at THSI.  Students begin to meet with college counselors in grade 8, to ensure they select the courses that will support their admission to exemplary universities, and continue to meet regularly with college counselors to determine the best options for college application.  Our counselors meet regularly with families to help them navigate the next steps.  Many colleges visit THSI each school year, meeting with students and providing insight into the experience they offer. 

During the whole application process, the High School Counseling office is committed to working closely with high school students to discover and help them apply to their "best fit" universities. Far more important than the list of university acceptances is whether students were accepted into their best fit school. Best fit universities are those that match well with a student's academic profile, interests, and personal preferences.

Our Philosophy:

We are a comprehensive program, addressing students academic, social, and emotional needs to help students reach their maximum potential during their middle and high school years. 

We are a student-centered program, helping students to identify their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and intellectual abilities, in order to find their best fit college and career. 

We are a bilingual and multicultural program, educating teachers, parents, and students about international college and career options.

Our Approach:

Comprehensive college counseling curriculum for middle and high school.

Individualized course selection guidance.

Intervention programs for students struggling academically, socially, or emotionally.

Guidance on admission trends, standardized tests, and transitioning abroad from college counselors and other experts in the field.

Graduate Achievements

We are very proud of THSI alumni.

Our graduates have gone on to study at the world's most prestigious universities.

Since the establishment of THSI is 2015, we have sent 83 high school graduates to study at high-quality universities around the world. One hundred percent of our graduates received a four-year university offer, including a total of 133 admissions offers from 97 universities around the world, and 161 admission from 82 universities in 2019. Our students have received university scholarships totaling up to $600,000 over four years.

University admissions include New York University, Wake Forest University, Columbia University, University of Southern California, Imperial College of Science and Technology, university of Waterloo, University of Queens, University of Sydney, and Royal Netherlands, among many other world-renowned universities.