Tsinghua University High School International - Chaoyang is built upon the legacy of Tsinghua University. We have incorporated what is best from the university and linked it to the best attributes of progressive education.



Primary school at THSI encourages students to be curious and learn by exploring the world around them. 

Our goal is to develop a love of learning and prepare students for the rigorous secondary program.  Our bilingual education uses a co-teaching structure, featuring two teachers in each classroom. Our students can learn, play, and study in both Chinese and English throughout their day. Students who experience this type of language immersion develop strong complex thinking skills and cognitive flexibility.

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The THSI Middle School program emphasizes community and exploration. 

Student government and House Activities ensure THSI students impact school community and culture. 


THSI Middle School continues the preparation for the demands of high school and post secondary education. Students are also encouraged to think critically about their role in the world. 

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THSI High School - Building self-discipline and social commitment for university studies and beyond

High school students begin a close and continuing relationship with our college counseling department, selecting the courses to best prepare them for university, and exploring different college options to find the perfect fit for their style of learning, interests, and future goals. 

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The premier sports offering at THSI is the ITA, the International Tennis Program.

Our carefully engineered tennis program sets high performance standards both on and off the court. The ITA method employs a comprehensive training system  encompassing technical, strategic, physical and mental development and tournament scheduling.

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